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Style WildWest phpbb 3.2.2

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:20 pm
by Admin
Nom du style: WildWest
Version: Phpbb 3.2.2
Auteur: FanFanLaTuFlippe
Link: Release WildWest style phpbb 3.2.2
Validation: En cours ...
Style colors: brown, sand
Style Design: Western, Far west
width: 1152 px
Language: French, English

EDIT 2018/03/17: WildWest style is responsive up to 1024 px.

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change log
WildWest version: 3.0.6

- delete hover on label fieldset
- add an image online
- fix bug margin on responsive.css
- change background color > reported past
- fix background color & box shadow > dropdown-left
- change background color phpbb alert
- clean up css files

Download Style WildWest: WildWest 3.0.6
MD5 Checksum: 33832E83B85591BE2C3FD144648017BC


EDIT 2018/03/20: WildWest style is responsive like original.

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change log 3.0.7
reorganization class, and responsive design
Cleaning css files
Download Style WildWest: WildWest 3.0.7
MD5 Checksum: 0BCC7B403B066D820BA14FD9F64A2B0B

Contrib: Logo.psd, login.psd, ranks


EDIT 2018/03/29

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Change log 3.0.8
- Change position site name h1
- Change position postprofile on viewtopic
- Change text color on codebox
- Add border radius on codebox
- Change background blockquote
- Change background codebox
- optimize responsive.css
MD5 Checksum: C4A0DA4A4BC69AAA7CF51327B36B57DB
Download Style WildWest: WildWest 3.0.8


EDIT 2018/05/19 - Corrections of some errors transmitted by

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Change log 3.0.9
- Pagination buttons still retain prosilver blue colours and look out of place
- bar-bottom a.button in common.css has a top margin of 6px which is pushing bottom pagination buttons except the active page down. This can be fixed by adding margin-top:0; to .action-bar .pagination .button on line 1074
- plupload.css file missing causing no upload progress/status to be displayed
- pagination styled

Difficult to see due to low contrast:
- The red text on buttons and link hovers (#75190f)
- Links on user profile page
- Label colours in UCP, MCP, login, registration screens (dark brown on dark brown background)
- Links in UCP mini panel (friends box) light brown on light brown background
- Fieldset.polls dl.voted is black on a dark brown background
MD5 Checksum: 8052F581E6E9CDEA1991352EEF552F6F
Download Style WildWest: WildWest 3.1.0

Thank you and have fun ;)